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Russian opinion poll says citizens are firm: protecting children is the job of the parents, not the state


On February 8 the results of a national poll by the Russian National Opinion Research Centre targeting 1600 people in 138 communities across 46 localities (variation under 3.4%) have arrived. Russian citizens were asked who, in their view, must play the key role in protecting the children and what did they think about the adoption of heavily intrusive methods of child protection prevalent in some Western countries.

It shows that the majority (76%) of those interviewed think the key role in protecting underage children should be played by their family, their parents. Only 16% think the state should intervene in the matter first. A minority (4%) or interviewees said protection of children and adolescents should be the responsibility of community-based organizations.

71% of the Russians oppose the rights of the child being priority over the rights of the parents. 60% argue children should not be given a right to bring their parents of teachers to court on their own.

Opinions on mandatory reporting of suspected child abuse are split. 49% of those interviewed are against the introduction of this policy, with 41% in favour.