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Pro-family News from Russia


It is no secret that in Russia the family is among the most important things in life. I am, or course, speaking of the Natural Family, of Dads, Moms, their children and their relationships. No wonder that protecting family and parental rights becomes an increasingly important part of Russian public life.

Russia often speaks out in support of the natural family and fundamental rights of the parents at the international stage. However, few in other countries know that such instances provide but a dim reflection of what is actually said by the majority of Russian citizens and civic society organizations.

My pro-family friends from other countries have often told me they would like to know more about what was going on in Russia in the sphere of protecting family rights, family and moral values, parental rights, etc.

I gave it a good thought, and so this blog was started. Here I will try to regularly update my readers on the relevant news and provide my commentary.

It is my conviction that the natural family based on the marriage of a man and a woman, the right to life from conception to natural death, recognition of natural parental rights (including the right to choose their children’s education), and freedom of religion are central to universal human rights. Ideologically motivated attacks on these core principles threaten the whole human rights framework and, in the long run, peace and stability of mankind. Nowadays, in some ways this poses an even greater threat than that of other destructive ideologies, such as racism or Nazism, whose nature humankind already learned the hard way.

Therefore I regard the widening local and international effort to protect these fundamental values as the most important human rights movement of our time, and hope that civil society in my own country, Russia, will further raise its voice in its support.

photo credit: patrick h. lauke via photopin cc